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ScienceofSpeed Front Bumper Guard Kit for NSX

The NSX bumper is prone to damage from impacts with driveways and speed bumps. The ScienceofSpeed UHMW Bumper Guard Kit protects the front bumper from damage by installing slippery impact-resistant plastic panels under the bumper.

The bumper guards were developed by 3D-scanning the factory bumper for precise fitment. Ulta high molecular weight (UHMW) black plastic is CNC routerered with countersunk holes for fasteners and a chamfered edge.

The set includes a unique fastening method which makes installation a snap! The kit includes a set of top and bottom panels. The street-facing bottom panels fasten to the top panels with supplied clip nuts and fasteners. Once the hole pattern is drilled using the supplied panels as a template - the bottom panels are slipped on top of the bumper and the panel pairs sandwich together. This design means that there is no need to remove the bumper - installation can be accomplished with the bumper on the car in about 15-30 minutes.



Precise Fitment

Impact-Resistant Plastic Panels

Quick & Easy Installation

Long winding road

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