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GRP Civic Type R Exhaust

GRP Full Down-pipe, Mid-pipe, Back Section Exhaust, Downpipe Blanket

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GRP is proud to present our full exhaust system for the FK8 Civic Type R.


The Civic has presented a great platform for us to work with, and we have maximized that with great performance. Gains of up to 30 hp to the wheels at low RPM's, and great torque gains throughout the rev range, you will be very pleased with the performance gains for your CTR.

GRP has is unique in that our exhaust has a boost controlled valved center exit exhaust. You set the boost utilizing our supplied engine bay mounted boost controller, and the center exiting exhaust pipe will open straight out at your desired boost levels. Its a great way to customize your CTR whether you want the valve opened all the time, or only at full boost and full throttle!

Our downpipe is 4 inches, necking down to 2.5 at the back end of the mid-pipe to allow for smooth airflow and increased sizing throughout our down-pipe and mid-pipe ending with 3 inch exhaust tips.

Our exhaust requires no tune, is guaranteed to throw no check engine lights with our high flow 200 cel cat.


Stainless 304 full system

All new stainless hardware and clamps

High End Tig-Welded

Fully reversible to stock

No Modifications Needed

Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel Tips

Boost controlled Straight Pipe

CNC Machined Flanges

No CEL Guaranteed

New improved Downpipe Heat Blanket, no wrap needed!

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